Deadly Strait Jacket Escape Thursday Oct 4th at Noon

Sean-Paul to

Thursday October 4th  Noon
The Crescent Hotel 

Sean-Paul to be suspended from the Observation deck of the Crescent Hotel

In the Spirit of America’s greatest and most famous illusionist – HARRY HOUDINI and given that Eureka Springs is known for being the location of an EXTRODINARY ESCAPE, The Citizen Newspaper Challenges Illusionist Sean-Paul of Intrigue Theater to the Following…

We have obtained a regulation straight Jacket from a nearby Corrections facility.
Following an inspection of the straight Jacket by Eureka Springs  Police Department to verify its authenticity, we Challenge Sean-Paul to be strapped up in the Straight Jacket and hoisted upside down by his feet, suspended from plank extending off of the observation deck of the Americas Most Haunted Hotel – The Crescent Hotel.


Restrained in the strait Jacket, isolated and upside-down 50 feet in the air – Sean-Paul must free himself before he is lowered back down to the front steps of the hotel.  One thing that makes this extra unique is that Sean-Paul will be dangling high above a haunted location where several deaths resulted from high falls, including the Crescent’s most famous ghost Michael- who died from a high point of the hotel while it was being built.
Provided Sean-Paul is Successful in the Straight Jacket Challenge – The Carroll County Newspaper stands by with another Challenge – Houdini’s Sealed and Locked Milk Can Escape!