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We have returned from our trip to California and Vegas humbled, honored, and inspired.  Usually in the winter we head up to our homeland of Minnesota to perform in our…
Intrigue Theater performing at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

We have returned from our trip to California and Vegas humbled, honored, and inspired.  Usually in the winter we head up to our homeland of Minnesota to perform in our haunted masonic temple. This year, we opted out of the brutal cold weather of the north and headed west!  I drove to Las Vegas with my father, Tom Niemiec, for a very productive road trip filled with great conversation and brainstorming.  I got my passion for developing business models and marketing strategies from my Dad. Thanks so much for taking the time to make the trip with me Dad!

Once we got to Vegas, Juli arrived by plane and Dad flew home. We finished out the journey to the Magic Castle in Hollywood. This was our first time performing in the clubhouse of the most exclusive magic club in the world.  We were scheduled to perform in the Parlor of Prestidigitation Monday through Sunday. The shows were extremely well received as we discovered that the Castle audiences have a deep appreciation for the art of magic. They were wonderful!  

While we were at the Castle – we were thrilled to have in the audience many notable members of the Magic Industry.  First of which was Jack Goldfinger – whose act that I watched and studied on VHS tape as a teenager. He is now the Entertainment Director at the Castle and could not have been more supportive and welcoming.  Thanks so much for a great week at the Castle Jack!  

Then we were visited by the OGs of Magic – the Long Beach Mystics!  Pictured are Les Arnold (of Les and Dazzle), Bill Smith (Illusionist & illusion builder for Magic’s Biggest Stars), Ron Anderson (comedian and veteran performer of the magic Castle). These Gentlemen came to see our show in Eureka Springs many years ago and have opened many doors for us in our career.  We really love and appreciate their support and advice!

Friday Morning the Mystics invited us out to Pasadena CA to have lunch with them.  We had a great time and afterwards went back to Mike Caveny and Tina Lenert’s beautiful home and one of the World’s Largest Magic Collections.  Every piece – small and large – has a story (or many) and we were fascinated and grateful to hear them. Mike Caveney was performing at the Magic Castle the same week as us – and had a Hilarious set in the Palace of Mystery.  He’s also well-known as a Magic Author

and Historian.
If you have ever seen our stage performance of Intrigue theater, The Illusionist & the Ghost talker – you understand that we have a deep respect and appreciation for the Golden Age of Magic.  So visiting Mike’s Egyptian Hall Museum was an impressive experience. We could have spent a week listening to Mike’s accounts of different performers and historical events that are marked by each piece in his dazzling array of priceless magic posters.  Thank you, Mike, for your kindness and an afternoon of magical historical enlightenment.

The next VIP in our audience that week was Gay Blackstone – the widow America’s Foremost Magician, Harry Blackstone Jr. and she is also the Executive Producer of MASTERS OF ILLUSION on the CW network.  She had already BOOKED Juliana Fay to perform and tape 2 segments for the 2020 season and she stopped by the castle to talk about the details of the shooting day. This was another big occasion for me because I remember seeing Harry Blackstone Jr cutting Gay in Half at the Carlton Celebrity Dinner theater back in the Early 1980s.  Gay was very encouraging, and it was a real pleasure to see her.

There were many more surprises during our first week at the magic castle, including a drop-by from our friend, Jeremy Rabe, from Ozarks Fox Am. He surprised us at the end of one of our shows at the Castle.   Jeremy Co-Hosts the show where we do our weekly segment of Intrigue Journal. He was in Los Angles for the Critics’ Choice awards – and it just worked out that he was able to catch one of our shows at the Castle.  It made our week even more fun and memorable.

Our Week at the Castle finished off with a visit from UNCLE LARRY.  Larry Kahlow has been a magic mentor of mine since I was 8 years old.  He owns and runs Eagle Magic store in Burnsville, MN, which is now the oldest Magic Store in the United States. Thank you, Larry and Jennifer, for coming out to California to see us perform at both the Castle and at Marvyns Magic Theater in Palm Springs, CA.

What are our final thoughts on working the Magic Castle?   It really couldn’t have been more enjoyable. We never could’ve anticipated the degree to which our relationships would expand and friendships bloom during our week at the most prestigious and famous magic club in the world. Our hearts are full!

Sean-Paul Interviews John Gaughan for Intrigue Journal about his work with automata. He is a brilliant man with an amazing story.

After we loaded up our car, we made our way to the workshop of John Gaughan to interview him on his work with Victorian Age Robots, called Automata. This was yet another incredible experience.   To see SEAN-PAUL’S interview with John Gaughan – please click here!

The Weekly program at the Castle – click to enlarge

He’s a well-known illusion designer and magic historian with a passion for restoration of magical illusions and automata. We thank John for his time, talents, and his outstanding work to preserve the ingenuity of the past – now a timeless craft for us to enjoy! We created a 2-part series for based on our conversation with John. 


Juliana Fay films segments for  MASTERS OF ILLUSION on CW NETWORK
Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay meet MrElectric!

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