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Intrigue Theater’s October shows!


There is so much to do in Eureka Springs during the month of October – and Intrigue Theater pulls out all the most Mysterious and Exciting segments that they have come up with.   You can also come to town for Witches Escape, the Zombie Crawl, or the epic Halloween Night Seance at the Crescent Hotel and take in Intrigue Theater’s Signature experience during any one of these events.   In addition to the regular performances in our Intrigue theater, we are doing 4 performances of the  Big Show in the Auditorium!  We are also doing our annual Halloween night Seance at 9 pm in America’s Most Haunted Hotel – The Cresent Hotel!

Please see the video and the schedule below.

Please Click here to see Intrigue Theater’s Full October Schedule.

October 11th
Eureka Springs Witches Escape!  

Produced by the Eureka springs Historical Museum has planned a fun-filled day of; music, entertainment
, dancing, food, shopping, psychic readings, raffle drawings, and much more from 11:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. on Friday, October 11, 2019.

Intrigue Theater tickets INCLUDED with Witches Escape TicketsClick Here for tickets.
But if you would like to purchase tickets just for Intrigue Theater – please click HERE.





The Big Show at the Auditorium –  Oct 19 & 26th at 8 pm

The Mysteries of Secret Societies!  They are hundreds of years old and meet in ominous buildings armed by guards.    Some claim they seek to rule the world while others believe they already do.   We will conduct an experiment that tests their influence on the masses.

The Table of Death! – In 2012 Sean -Paul performed 2 spectacular escapes – the Straight Jacket escape off the roof of the Crescent hotel and the Seal Milk Can Escape – no he will face terrifying doom with the Table of Death!

Hilarious Addam’s entertainment!   Who will be chosen to come on stage and face  what the family keeps in its attic?

Dolly from the Asylum! – Sean-Paul acquired 2 little dolls from an sale from the Willard Asylum from the mentally insane.   They have been conducting experiments to see what happens when they place the dolls in the spirit cabinet with the Ghost Talker Juliana Fay!  What will happen?

Reknar – High Priest of Amun!    Sean-Paul recently acquired the remains of an Egyptian Mummy.   This ancient culture was OBSESSED with the afterlife and Sean-Paul will conduct an experiment from Egyptian Book of the Dead making use of the Mummy and the life force from members of the audience.

The Big show is happening on the Last 2 SATURDAYS in October.

October 19th at  8 p.m.  Click here for tickets!

Eureka Springs Auditorium Click here for directions
This will be a PERFECT night to see the big show – there will not be any huge events going on in the city, the weather should be wonderful, the leaves in full bloom, and no challenges with parking!

October 26th at 8 p.m.    Click here for tickets!

Eureka Springs Auditorium Click here for directions
This will happen after America’s largest Zombie Parade (per capita) that takes place down Spring and Main Street.  The Zombie parade has become the biggest night of the year in Eureka Springs, and you can catch the big show right afterwards in the Auditorium at 8 p.m.


The Seance! 
October 31  at 9 p.m.
Halloween night at America’s Most Haunted Hotel!

On the heels of last years Amazing and hair-raising Séance – Intrigue theater’s Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay return to the Crystal Ballroom – to present and evening of Mysteries that embody the Legends and History of Eureka Springs Crown Jewel – the Crescent Hotel.

The Séance! Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay will continue to lay out the personalities that are believed to side reside in the haunted hotel and will begin the Séance with more paranormal experiments involving members of the audience.    The night will crescendo will the entire audience taking out their pendulums and or their favorite Ghost Hunting apps as Sean-Paul and Juliane will engage the spirits of the Crescent with a custom crafted script just for  the night.     Sean-Paul recently shared, “The results of  the séance from last year were beyond what we were expecting and we are excited to see what will happen this year!”     Click here for tickets!     

Click here for directions