“My family and friends
loved every minute
Highlight of trip to Eureka!”
Shaun D Axtell TX March 2019
Penn of Penn & Teller
“We will be talking
about this experience
for years to come"
Nita T Poolville Tx Aug 2014

Magic, Ghosts, and other hair raising mysteries…

If you are a fan of the Paranormal – and love the haunted landscape of Eureka Springs- your visit will not be complete until you experience the magic and mysteries at Intrigue Theater.
We could tell you what to expect – but past guests do a much better job…

An amazing show by two incredale performers

We live over 800 miles away from Eureka Springs, Arkansas; but, we have seen Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay’s shows several times and will travel back to see them again in the very near future. The two shows put on by Intrigue Theater, The Illusionist & the Ghost Talker and Close & Incredible, are Vegas quality emtertainment in a small town setting. After viewing both of their shows there is no doubt that “spirits and magic” are at work there. If you are anywhere near Eureka Springs, DO NOT miss this show.

ClydechicaineryReviewed August 9, 2019

The Illusionist and the Ghost Talker

The absolutely BEST magic/illusionist show around. Well worth the extra hr drive south of Branson and the big shows.
Two different shows and both worth seeing.
The venue is 75 people max so EVERYONE has the possibility of being part of the act.
The performers and staff are super.
Can’t wait for next season to go back many times.

ladonnak300Reviewed November 11, 2018

Brilliant Show – don’t miss it!

Tonight we saw a show that was truly amazing here in Eureka Springs at the Intrigue Theater. Illusionists Sean-Paul and Juliane have created an amazing show entitled The Illusionist and the Ghost talker.  They have turned a hundred year old church into their venue seating about 75 people. The event is actually three shows: the intro, performed by one of the staff was a short set with comedy and a few very corny magic tricks to prep the crowd for the main event. Next up is Sean-Paul who delights you with stories and illusions for the next hour. He did five illusions, involving the audience and thoroughly entertaining all of us. His presentation is superb and such a professional. Juliane is his assistant during the acts and she also does some things that are amazing as well as very funny. No spoilers here, you HAVE to go see them. At the end of Sean-Pauls act is a small intermission and then the headliner is Juliane and Sean-Paul as her assistant as she communicates with the spirits. I have seen acts like this on the internet and TV, and always KNEW the crowd had given information to the artists beforehand. That was, of course, before Debbie and I were one of the ‘targets’. We were asked to hold something unique in our hand while Sean-Paul walked around with a mike and a blindfolded Juliane (blindfolded and ears checks for any listening devices by a audience member) on stage to pass on what the spirits told her. Not only did she identify the purse hook Debbie had, but also mentioned we were both in IT, I was a Packer fan, from Illinois and also a message from the spirits to remind me that next week was Debbie’s birthday since I forget that date a lot. Mind – Blown. Great show, dont miss it when in Eureka Springs!

Innkeepers-TomReviewed July 9, 2017

Come Challenge Your Reality! About Us

  • A lifetime of Magic
  • Exclusive Up Close and Incredible
  • The Illusionist & the Ghost Talker
  • Why Eureka Springs?

Sean-Paul and Juliane have performed in places such as Reno, Las Vegas, Branson, Throughout Alaska, In Jeff Hobson’s Illusionarium where they performed alongside some of the world’s greatest magicians and Illusionist. More recently just returned from Las Vegas where they performed for a packed house at the Rio Hotel for the Penn and Teller Show on the CW network!

After 3 years in Eureka Springs, Sean-Paul and Juliane we seeing a high volume of repeat visitors and tourists to their attraction. Because they wanted to thrill their audiences with new mysteries – they created a second completely different show.

Up Close and Incredible is a show that is filled with the segments that Sean-Paul has been perfecting during his 30 plus career in magic and Illusion. As the name of the show suggests – the audience is seating in a circular manner around the performers and the level of audience participation is much greater. Miracles are performed with items borrowed from the audience and some of the inexplicable feats are actually done by the visitors!

Just as with the Ghost talker show – there are segments in this show that are totally unique to the magic industry.

Eureka Springs’ landscape set the stage for an amazing night of Mystery. This Unique Haunted Victorian Town in the Ozark mountains inspired Sean-Paul and Juliane to create a truly unique experience that would regress audiences back to an Age of Intrigue.
Their extensive journey in the art of Magic and Illusion has given them a deep respect for the Grand Master of the Golden Age of Magic. 100 years ago with Magicians, Illusionist, and Mind Readers were the superstar celebrities of their era. These Grand Masters were so innovative and brilliant that many of their methods are still being used to amazing today’s most skeptical audiences.
So for the last 6 years, Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay have performed their tribute to the Golden Age of Magic and the Ghostly Spiritualist movement of the early 1900s at Intrigue Theater in Eureka Springs. The ILLUSIONIST & GHOST TALKER has been heralded by high ranking magicians as “one of the best magical experiences” and something that “transcends a magic show”.
In 2011 they created Intrigue Theater – a charming and nostalgic performance that brings visitors back to an age of Mystery. Inspired by the historical Victorian and HAUNTED landscape of Eureka Springs, Sean-Paul, and Juliana Fay perform a Vaudeville Era show that is unmatched in the country. Tourists often say after seeing this Eureka Springs attraction is “why are they in Arkansas?!” These award-winning show producers are in Eureka Springs by choice.

People Said About Sono Testimonilas

Tommy H

"Amazing the Ghost Talker blew us away!  She is fabulous.
The illusionist is also great!! This is well worth your money and spend the extra & get a VIP ticket you will not regret it!!"   

Paula W

"Sean Paul was super personable and an amazing illusionist. Julianna is an amazing ghost talker. Both shows we went to were fantastic. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!"

Brain H

I brought my 2 daughters who are 14 & 12 years old. We had a very good time. They were entertained the entire show. We were in Eureka Springs for 4 days and this was definitely one of our favorite things to do. Eureka Springs seems to have so much untapped potential. Your show is the exception to that. A great little town needs more things like your show. Keep up the good work.

Lynn B

So Entertaining and Incredible! This was so fun! Intimate setting with only 20 in the audience (full House!). Direct interaction with Sean Paul who is a great entertainer. Very funny and so incredible with his craft. We have no idea how he pulled off what he did for 90 minutes. Although there was interaction, it was voluntary and nothing uncomfortable if you're an introvert. Go and you won't be disappointed!!

Wow!!  My Husband & I went to the illusionist show this past July. It was absolutely amazing!
We enjoyed every minute of the show! Can't wait to go back and see his other show. 

Jessica L

As always such a great show.  Amazing stage magic show! They will leave you wondering!
Being my third time I would still recommend it to all. Put it in your bucket list.

Google Reviews

Great show, awesome interaction, funny, unique facility, highly recommend.

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  • You are guaranteed an opportunity to participate in the show - but there is no pressure if you just want to enjoy the show from your seat.

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