Celebrating 11 years as Eureka Springs' Must See show

As Seen on National Television Several times and now Eureka Springs' #1 visitor rated Attraction

Sean-Paul and Juliane produced and created an entertainment experience unlike anything else in the country

Experience Illusion and Intrigue inspired by the worlds greatest Mysteries

Are you ready to have your mind-blown by the true masters of intriguing magic performed by Master Illusionist Sean Paul and the beautiful Juliana Fay?

Take part in an amazing evening filled with one mysterious and logic-defying moment after another.  You will be drawn in by their mastery of their craft keeping you on the edge of your seats and you holding your breath one minute from the complete suspense of the moment to laughing out loud from the unexpected surprises.

intrigue 2021

In a class of their own

Intrigue Theater has risen to the top of Trip Advisors 52 things to do in Eureka Springs. We encourage visitors to check out our most recent reviews at the bottom of this page.

Safe Venue - Covid Compliant

Intrigue Theater has be vigilant is operating with in the Covid Health Guide lines during the Pandemic. Even now as the restrictions are being lifted - we are still seating with some social distance between parties. Masks are still worn by staff, and we continue to sanitize the venue between performances.

Why are they in Arkansas?

In 2011 they created Intrigue Theater – a charming and nostalgic performance that brings visitors back to an age of Mystery. Inspired by the historical Victorian and HAUNTED landscape of Eureka Springs, Sean-Paul, and Juliana Fay perform a Vaudeville Era show that is unmatched in the country. Tourists often say after seeing this Eureka Springs attraction is “why are they in Arkansas?!” These award-winning show producers are in Eureka Springs by choice.


Master illusionists Sean Paul & Juliana Fay are starting up their must-see show  “Perplexed!

Now entering its 11th year at their very own INTRIGUE THEATER IN Eureka Springs, AR.

For a limited time

Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay bring audiences to the edge of their seats with a series of PARANORMAL EXPERIMENTS, Interactive Comedy, and Intriguing Mysteries and demonstrations.

Sean-Paul & Juliana Fay - Intrigue Theater Creators and Producers


Intrigue Theater is excited to offer shows almost 7 day a week this summer.

Sean-Paul & Juliana Fay

As seen on Penn & Teller FOOL US, AGT, MASTERS OF ILLUSION and now an established crowd favorite with a truly humbling number of returning guests, 2021 sees many new theatrical enhancements and surprises in store for Intrigue Theater – including venue upgrades allowing for large-scale illusions

Dewey Jo Beene Jr.

More than magic, this active and engaging experience is a raucous road trip of hilarious storytelling, hysterical situational comedy, and humorous repartee throughout.

Dewey Joe Beene Jr has performed magic and comedy from coast-to-coast for over thirty years.

You’re in for a night of astonishing magic, amazing visuals, and unexpected twists.

This fast-paced and interactive experience involves EVERYONE from beginning to end, and YOU (willing participants) might be invited join the action ON STAGE.




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CHALLENGE YOUR REALITY – before you see the show live. Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay are always researching phenomenon and interviewing amazing people they document it at www.intriguejournal.com and sometimes these articles become segments in INTRIGUE THEATER. Please click below to see the story they did on Telsa and Edison’s theory on TIME TRAVEL!