7 pm — Exclusive Evenings

Intrigue Theater – in Eureka Springs , AR
80 Mountain St
Eureka Springs, AR 72632 United States
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

8 p.m. — Illusionist & the Ghost Talker

Intrigue Theater – in Eureka Springs , AR
80 Mountain St
Eureka Springs, AR 72632 United States
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Looking for things to do in Eureka Springs?

Intrigue Theater – created by Illusionists Sean-Paul and Juliane –  is one of the funnest things to do  in Eureka Springs.    The one thing that people keep saying after seeing this Eureka Springs attraction is “why are they in Arkansas?!”   Well because they love the creative haunted Victorian landscape of Eureka Spring and use it as a testing ground for new material that they then take on tour.   They just got back from Las Vegas where they performed for a packed house at the Rio Hotel for the Penn and Teller Show on the CW network!  Scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up for the newsletter and we will tell you when it will air on Television this summer.

Sean-Paul Illusionist of Intrigue Theater

Ghost Talker – Juliana Fay – at Intrigue Theater in Eureka Springs AR

The Illusionist and the Ghost talker “a truly one-of-a-kind magical experience right in the heart of Eureka Springs”  Easily one of the TOP 3 best things to in Eureka Springs!

Eureka Springs’ landscape set the stage for an amazing night of Mystery.  This Unique Haunted Victorian Town in the Ozark mountains inspired Sean-Paul and Juliane to create a truly unique experience that would regress audiences back to an Age of Intrigue.

Their extensive   journey in the art of Magic and Illusion has given them a deep respect for the Grand Master of the Golden Age of Magic.  100 years ago with Magicians, Illusionist, and Mind Readers were the superstar celebrities of their era.

These Grand Masters were so innovative and brilliant that many of their methods are still being used to amazing today’s most skeptical audiences.

So for the last 6 years Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay have performed their tribute to the Golden Age of Magic and the Ghostly Spiritualist movement of the early 1900s at Intrigue Theater in Eureka Springs.


Review from a Paranormal Blogger,

The room darkens and the spotlight shifts. All around, candles flicker. The beautiful blonde woman on stage, dressed as a Victorian spiritualist, chants in a lovely singsong voice, “I sense a presence from beyond…” The candles flicker. The music swells. A brass bell rings, untended by human hands…

This attraction in Eureka Springs, AR  “Intrigue Theater,” is a truly one-of-a-kind magical experience right in the heart of Eureka Springs. The show, which opened in Eureka 6 years ago, features Sean-Paul the Illusionist and Juliana Fay, as the Medium – featuring special guests from the other side.  The evening begins as guests enter A century-old building that only seats 75 people. 

This experience was designed and developed to be one of many things to do in Eureka Springs for adults, honeymoon couples, couples celebrating anniversaries.
The thing that surprised producers Sean-Paul and Juliane, was that this show filled with paranormal mysteries and demonstrations became one of the great things to do in Eureka Springs for kids and families.   Children as young as 8 or 9 years old, when asked what they liked about the show, responded, “everything!”

Everything in this throw back production is based on Real Historical entertainment that is still so effective that it can bring even today’s most cynical audiences to the edge of their seats!

The Illusionist and the Ghost Talker is Thursdays and Saturdays please see the schedule for the most current schedule – as it is subject to change depending on what month it is.



UP CLOSE & INCREDIBLE with Sean-Paul the Illusionist.

Sean-Paul and Juliane have performed in place such as Reno, Las Vegas, Branson, Throughout Alaska, In Jeff Hobsons Illusionarium where they performed alongside some of the world’s greatest magicians and Illusionist.

Their ILLUSIONIST AND GHOST TALKER has been heralded by high ranking magicians as “one of the best magical experiences” and something that “transcends a magic show”.   3 years ago after experiencing a HIGH RATE of return guests Sean-Paul and Juliane created a 2nd show to give those guests a completely different experience.  Different from their primary show MAGIC LAUGHS is now one of the best comedy shows in Eureka Springs, AR.

Magic Laughs is a show that is filled with the segments that Sean-Paul has been perfecting during his 30 plus career in magic and Illusion.   As this reviewer mentions, the audience is a HUGE part of magic laughs and Sean-Paul need someone from the audience with almost everything thing he does.

Sean Paul delighted us with his sleight of hand and Juliana amazed us with her mentalist ability. They both drew the audience in and called upon individuals to be part of the show. It was fun seeing the look of puzzlement on everyone’s faces as Sean worked his magic. The show was interactive, funny, and more importantly worth every penny. Not high priced for what you get either. Would have a paid more! Every part of the audience can be involved.  – Review from Guest November 2016

UP CLOSE & INCREDIBLE is a great thing to do in Eureka Springs at night after dinner runs Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays please  see the schedule for the most current schedule – as it is subject to change depending on what month it is.

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